How to Win More in Brawl Stars!

Hello Fellow Brawlers! I’m KairosTime and it is time to WIN MORE Brawl Stars by having the Team Mindset!

This guide is meant for beginners and more experienced players alike and will help anyone get better at the game by applying these strategies!

The Mindsets

MVP Mindset

Before we get to the Team Mindset, it’s important to understand what the MVP Mindset is!

Playing with the MVP Mindset is when someone plays with the goal of getting Star Playing, getting the most kills, and doing the most damage even if it means leaving their teammates behind and without support.

Although some players make it far into the ladder with the MVP Mindset, they will frequently lose matches that they could have won if they had focused on winning as a team, or playing with the Team Mindset

Team Mindset

The Team Mindset is when a player plays with the mindset of winning as a team rather than being the MVP.

This is the key to winning with Randoms and although it takes some practice, mastering the Team Mindset will help ANY player get better at the game.

This is because the game was not made to be a 1v1 game, but rather a TEAM game!

Almost always, it’s the team that plays more as a team that wins.

So, how do you play with a Team Mindset?!

It all starts with Team Awareness, or knowing where your teammates are and if they could use some help.

By focusing on knowing where your teammates are, you’ll be able to better know when to come in and assist them with a kill, help them fall back safely rather than getting taken out, and be able to know if you should expect a flank.

A player with the MVP Mindset will only pay attention to himself/herself, while a player with the Team Mindset will try to pay attention to their teammates.

Once you’re paying attention to your teammates, you’ll know when it’s time to come give them an Assist, or to help them kill an enemy Brawler.

It’s easy to see that 2 is always stronger than 1, and 3 is always stronger than 2.

Applying this 1 principle is what separates the beginners with the experienced players.

By teaming with teammates on enemy Brawlers to give them an assist, you can quickly turn the tide of a fight to benefit your team.

Here are some different ways that you can assist an allied Brawler

Attack from different angles

This is the simplest, but also probably the most common and most effective way to assist an allied Brawler.

Attacking from different angles makes it difficult for enemy Brawlers to dodge or juke shots.

Even the most skilled Juker will struggle against 3 Brawlers firing at him from 3 different angles.

Surround an enemy from the side

Because Brawl Stars is built to be a vertical game, many players pay less attention to their surroundings to the left and right.

Even if they do pay attention, coming in from the side allows you to eliminate 1 escape route which makes things that much more difficult for the enemy Brawler.


Come in from behind

Coming in from behind can be a risky move because you risk getting surrounded yourself.

But if you know that enemy Brawlers aren’t in position to surround you, you can almost always ensure a kill when you can put an enemy between you and an ally.



This is where an enemy Brawler is using terrain to hide and you and a friendly Brawler come around the terrain from different sides to corner the enemy Brawler.




This is where 1 Brawler hides in the grass to set up a trap, and an allied Brawler pretends to be weak and fall back so the enemy Brawler will chase them.

If the Brawler takes the bait, you’re almost guaranteed a kill.



This is where 1 Brawler gets in the way of enemy fire to protect a friendly Brawler.

This takes some skill to know when to do it because it can result in the enemy building up their super and taking both of you out.

But when the time is right, you can protect an allied Brawler with more Gems or Bounty stars than yourself and win the game.

This doesn’t always result in a kill-assist, but is an important strategy for skilled players.

Team Fight

Next, let’s talk about Teamfights.

A Teamfight is when multiple Brawlers on both teams come to one area to fight as a team.

Typically, the winner of a teamfight is the team that maintains better positioning and teamwork.

You maintain positioning by making sure the enemy team cannot single you out.

You maintain teamwork by attacking the same targets as your team to quickly take them out.

Going Rambo

This is to jump into a team fight without the support of your teammates.

This is almost always a suicidal tactic, and yet players do it all the time because they have the MVP Mindset.

In most cases, it’s better for you to wait for your teammates before going into the fight so that you have their support and are more of a force to be reckoned with.

That being said, Going Rambo can also be useful when the countdown has begun and you don’t have time to wait for teammates, but other than this case, you should probably wait for support.


Before finishing this Strategy Guide, I wanted to touch on Overextending.

To Overextend is to push onto the enemy’s side of the map without the support of your team.

This can be a useful strategy if you are playing a tanky or close-range Brawler because it allows you to sneak up on squishier Brawlers in the back.

It is also sometimes necessary to overextend in order to take out enemy Brawlers, but this strategy can also be very risky because it makes you susceptible to being teamed on.

It’s important that you pay attention to where enemy Brawlers are while overextending.

If you know where they are, and they’re not a threat to you overextending, you’re good. If you don’t know where they are, you may be better off falling back.

It’s also important to pay attention to Brawlers being defeated. If your teammates are taken out, you’re at risk of getting flanked. If an enemy gets taken out, it’s only a matter of seconds before they respawn and are an immediate threat to you.

Now that you know how to gain the Team Mindset and are prepared with the strategies necessary to use it, it’s time to Brawl! For more Strategy Guides, check me out on YouTube!

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